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VN Process - Vision New has developed over the years, projects and opportunities.

Today, society has evolved a lot but what makes its very nature is still there. Through our website, we invite you to know us better, to discover our way of working, our values; Which makes our company, by its vision of things, a different and efficient company. For more information, to organize a first meeting or to consider working together, contact us

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Bulkheads dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry : Clean Pass SB23

We have a complete range of bulkheads dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry: Clean Pass SB23.

Crossings of partitions / ceilings / slabs for piping, fluids, cables:

Waterproof - resistant to cleaning agents - surface ra <1,6μ - without dust trap - homogeneous solution - simple, fast and low-dirt setting

We also provide all national players such as BOCCARD, LTM, SNIG PHARMA, SPIE, PONTICELLI, COFELY, STILMAS ...

Model JT2

Model JT2


Ideal for the passage of pipes, without slope management, in a partition or a ceiling.

RIS Model

RIS Model


Designed to manage pipe slopes, it adapts to partitions and ceilings. Its waterproofing is perfect.

Model DJT

Model DJT

Coming from the JT2, it was designed to allow crossings of slabs. Made of plastic or stainless steel, it adapts to your budget.

FTP Template

FTP Template

It is the crossing of partition or ceiling for cables, rilsans or pipes of small diameter. For complete sealing, a cable gland can be screwed on each side.

SPE Model

SPE Model

Light version of FTP, it retains the assets of the range to meet all the needs of a project.



Seamless, realize all your path under sheath thanks to our 4 accessories.

For any request for quotation or order, thank you to contact us in 04 74 37 17 80 or by mail on

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Reception: FAT / SAT Commissioning Maintenance


Functional Analysis Design and P & ID - Sizing - Connection on site - Thermal insulation


Innovation - Optimization of site releases - Energy optimization Use of cold waste water to cool steam sterilized effluents - Dimensioning Based on treatment cycles and volumes to be treated - Implementation 3D model: accessibility and maintainability - Control Ordering Writing AF and cabinet design - Protection of workers and the outside environment Sterilizing filtration and F0 calculation


Design and realization of a heating installation - Integration in a restricted volume - Sizing of the exchanger - Functional design, P & ID - 3D implantation - Design without dead arm - Control / control - Dynamic FAT (steam and cold water)


Workshop VN Process - Vision Nouvelle
350 m2 dedicated
2 access doors 4m x 4m
Height 7 m at the bottom of the door
Overhead crane 2500 kg
Orbital and TIG substations
GF, band saw

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