Engineering Ensemblier process -stainless steel pipefitter Qualification - FAT - SAT - IQ - QO Maintenance
Workshop: environment, culture, purification, formulation, preparation ... - Skid Process: UF, Chromato., Centrif., Biogenerator, Homogenizer ... - Skid utilities: NEP, SEP, EPPI, Specific wash - Pipes Process and utilities clean - Carts, filter housing Stainless steel, machined parts (stainless steel, plastic) - Manual or orbital TIG welding by qualified welders - Boilerwork stainless steel with folder manufacturer (following DESP) Learn more +
Master Plan for Qualification, Risk Analysis, Protocols, Testing, Reporting, Test Management and Implementation - Quali'FAT - Within our workshop, a dedicated space with all the energies necessary for the realization of your FAT. Learn more +
Creation of customized CMMS tools - Diagnostics / Consulting - Help with creating preventive maintenance plan -- Technical expertise : - Rotating machines - Pumps - Basketry Learn more +
- Project management - Studies - Design - Feasibility study, investment master plan, technology transfer, flow study, biosecurity / GMP, recommendation on existing. Studies - Plans - Achievements Learn more +