Qualification - FAT - SAT - IQ - QO

Quali'FAT the concentrate of Energies optimizer of projects.

To pre-assemble, test, qualify equipment or installations: Quali'FAT, a unique concept bringing together in one place all the needs of your project:

Master Plan for Qualification, Risk Analysis, Protocols, Testing, Reporting, Test Management and Implementation - Quali'FAT - Within our workshop, a dedicated space with all the energies necessary for the realization of your FAT. Learn more +
Outsource pre-assembly, FAT, on-site dispatch - Decrease production stoppages by anticipating the phases of tests and qualifications in masked time - Simplify planning management ... Learn more +
Geographic location ; Workshop; Office; Everyday life ... Learn more +
Three-phase electricity 36kVA - soft water - purified water - Steam clean 100kg / hr - Clean and dry compressed air - Water / hot water - Water thermostat (+ 4 ° C to + 121 ° C) Learn more +
Assembly and connections at our premises - preparation of tests (protocols, planning ...) - conducting tests - dismantling (after documented locating), packaging, delivery, reassembly, modifications / adaptation (piping, electricity ...) - controls ... Learn more +