Customized because your needs are unique ...

Each project contains its own set of specificities, constraints and peculiarities; What VN Process is able to bring to you is the answer to these unique needs.

Customized, a "turnkey" service that supports:

  • design,
  • the studies,
  • manufacturing (purchase and subcontracting of sub-assemblies and assembly on our premises),
  • mounting,
  • the installation,
  • and the qualification of special equipment.

The tailor-made products incorporate the obligations related to the Pharmaceutical Industry:

  • clean concept,
  • cleanability,
  • ability to decontaminate,
  • compliance with standards BPF, GMP, 21CFR,
  • suitable finish.

Custom made already in operation :

Bridging tables
Raising system for egg tray improving working ergonomics in Ovoculture zone
Non-explosive magnetic agitators for high volume nalgene
Bridging tables