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The second work (clean room layout, ventilation and fluids utilities) - The process part proper (laboratory equipment, fermentation, biogenerator, process piping, automatism, ...) Read more

Laboratory equipment /// Cuverie /// Piping process /// Fluid utility /// White room /// Automation ///

  • Written by Cécile Published on 16/11/2016

Présentation de VN Process

VN Process your partner Process and / or Utilities in the field of: Biotechnologies - Liquid forms - Injectables - Fluids Read more

Fluid utility /// Piping INOX ///

Ensemblier process - Instrumented Skins

Workshop: environment, culture, purification, formulation, preparation ... - Skid Process: UF, Chromato., Centrif., Biogenerator, Homogenizer ... - Skid utilities: NEP, SEP, EPPI, Specific wash - Pipes Process and utilities clean - Carts, filter housing Stainless steel, machined parts (stainless steel, plastic) - Manual or orbital TIG welding by qualified welders - Boilerwork stainless steel with folder manufacturer (following DESP) Read more

Skid /// Piping process /// Fluid utility /// NEP /// Piping INOX /// TIG welding ///

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