Examples of projects carried out during the last 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry:


MERIAL (Gerland)

- Detail studies for the development of premises and equipment existing in different areas,

- Assist in project management for consultations, follow-up and work on lots "vats and skids", "Salles Blanches", Electricity-Automation, Piping-Utilities,

- Realization of part of the stainless steel work (pipes and skids).

MERIAL (Lentilly)

- Turnkey service for replacement of NEP-SEP pipes / fittings & Transfer line as specified in the CCTP.

MERIAL (Saint Priest)

- Update of a Basic Study carried out in 2010 for the installation of an additional freeze-dryer in an existing building. The objective was to establish a planning and a budget for the operation.

GENZYME (Gerland) & SKYEPHARMA (Saint Quentin Fallavier)

- Several revamping processes and Utilities,

- Several modification of Process and Utilities equipment,

- Supply of specific parts and equipment and / or custom-made Process and Utilities.


ABBOTT (Châtillon sur Chalaronne)

- Studies, supply, installation and commissioning of piping networks Process and an effluent treatment plant.

SANOFI PASTEUR (Marcy l'Etoile)

- Acquisition of an APS concerning 2 border washing machines and a border washing room with a view to drawing up a list of consulting,

- Skid (piping and boiler making) for the addition of a complexing agent on fermenters: studies, pre-fabrication, commissioning, SAT.


SANOFI PASTEUR (Neuville / Saône)

Project Defi-Vrac: - Assistance to project owner,

- Study for the production of a skid for the production of cooling water and the associated distribution loop.


- Study and realization of a support for laboratory bench-top flowmeter for SANOFI.

RHEOMIX (Genas):

- FAT dynamics of a tank of 100L and sib skid for VIRBAC.


MERIAL (Gaborone - Bostwana)

- Construction of a new unit of vaccine: feasibility studies, Preliminary Project Summary 2005, Preliminary Detailed Project 2007, realization and assistance to prime contractor / work.


MERIAL (Pirbright-England)

- Assistance to project management of a decontamination station.


Institute PASTEUR (Cambodia)

- Design of a laboratory P3 (Avian Flu).



- Study and implementation of the P3 confinement of a vaccine production area (Avian Flu).

-Design and follow-up of works, commissioning and qualification of an effluent decontamination station.



- Feasibility studies and global comparison of 3 solutions to increase the production capacity of an inactivated concentrated active principle of the exotic strain type.


MERIAL (Lyon Gerland)

- Construction of a new laboratory for the production of active ingredients by Ovoculture (ovoculture, purification, inactivation, distribution).