Our objective : being for our customers an involved, responsible partner and not just a supplier.
Our choices to achieve this : To involve ourselves only in projects whose processes and problems we master perfectly; To remain ultra-specialized (vaccines, bio-tech, confined areas ...); to manage missions of the type "Project management / Assistance à projet d'ouvrage".

Our way of working : To base our actions on 3 essential and inseparable values :




for each person on the team to invest to ensure :
  • best quality while preserving ergonomics
  • compliance with budgets and schedules
  • good reactivity


Concretely, on our last projects this translated :

  • Overall budgetary tracking (including problems of taking over at the end of the financial year of our clients, internal recording for depreciation ...)
  • General Schedule Tracking
  • Autonomy in the consultation phases and in the analysis of offers
  • Validation of supplier studies
  • Support for the entire Project Qualification
  • Commitment to respect the budget that concerns us and that we generally established during the preparatory phases (without time limit but with commitment of results)
  • Site Management & Coordination
  • Commissioning
  • Realization of simplified process descriptions, PID & production chronograms
  • In charge of feasibility, retail and realization studies
  • drafting of the specifications
project management
assistance for project management