Some projects representing our know-how.

  • Realization of a distribution line (€ 240k)
  • Design / manufacture of 4 thermal skis with dynamic FAT & commissioning (265k €)
  • Supply, commissioning and qualification of an effluent treatment plant (120k €)
  • Design / manufacture of a cooling skid for freeze dryer (55k €)
  • Assistance mission on qualification files for installations or equipment
  • Steam Clean Condensate Sample Collection System Automatic
Galerie de photos
Reception: FAT / SAT Commissioning Maintenance Learn more +
Functional Analysis Design and P&ID
Functional Analysis Design and P & ID - Sizing - Connection on site - Thermal insulation Learn more +
Innovation - Optimization of site releases - Energy optimization Use of cold waste water to cool steam sterilized effluents - Dimensioning Based on treatment cycles and volumes to be treated - Implementation 3D model: accessibility and maintainability - Control Ordering Writing AF and cabinet design - Protection of workers and the outside environment Sterilizing filtration and F0 calculation Learn more +
Osmosis water exchanger
Design and realization of a heating installation - Integration in a restricted volume - Sizing of the exchanger - Functional design, P & ID - 3D implantation - Design without dead arm - Control / control - Dynamic FAT (steam and cold water) Learn more +
Performance constraints: - Concentration factor: 40 - Volume processed: 10 to 20l - Speed 0-5m / s - PTM: 0-4 bar - Retention: 0-100 l: h - Pump speed control - Counter dosing - Integral integrity test - Pressure protection Learn more +
Constraints of the project: - Integration in an existing premises - Rotating machine protection - Work under flow - Drainability and cleanability Learn more +
Equipment VN Process
Types of work carried out by our recurring customers: MYLAN; BIO MERIEUX; COVIDIEN; SANOFI ; FRESENIUS MEDICAL CARE Learn more +